Teaching Team
Ian Megraw
Ian is our head teacher. He is English/German and has been with KIDS since 2000. He works full time.
Walter Schmitt
Walter works Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. He leads on the pre-school program. A father of three children himself, he is popular for his story reading, sense of fun and calm approach. Walter is German and used to live for four years in the USA.
Linda Gross
Linda's emphasis is on body conception (hence "Sinneswerkstatt") - a holistic approach - using all senses as the basis for learning as well as use of arts and crafts for development and expression. With an additional focus on literacy and language development through: the importance of books, board-games, puzzles and her personal favorite -singing and circle-time.
Sylvie Ulitzka
Sylvie leads in scientific activities, theatre and creative work. She is the most experienced staff member in the team and is able to draw on her skills and experience to find approaches and projects that stimulate all the children in the Kindergarten throughout the day.
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