Pre-school Programme

Our pre-school programme is designed to encourage a positive attitude towards reading, writing, calculating and enthusiasm towards the transition to primary school.

The basic pre-school skills for reading, writing and maths are supported through "pre-school activities" for 5-6 year olds twice a week. Concentration skills are encouraged and advanced according to the ability of the children through these activities.

Our monthly themes offer an excellent basis on which our pre-school activities are planned, organised and evaluated so that the pre-school curriculum is interwoven with other activities at KIDS Kindergarten.

Every Friday morning our pre-school children attend a two-hour-workshop at the Circus Zarakali. These circus classes offer a range of challenging activities (including acro balance, tumbling, hoops, juggling etc.) that allow children to improve their strength, flexibility, co-ordination, concentration and motor-skills. Benefits also include confidence building, teamwork development, promoting trust and respect. And, most important of all: It is fun!
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