Children flourish in settings that allow them to be active participants. This is our aim at KIDS, too. We encourage the children to be interactors, questioners, problem-solvers, thinkers, rationalisers and socialisers through the implementation of diverse activities.

The concept of active participation is also the basis for KIDS' bilingual approach. We provide a contextualised setting, where the children adopt cultural aspects of each language alongside purely linguistic expressions.

We believe that differences are enriching. Therefore, KIDS places specific value on social and emotional growth of the children; on developing self-confidence and respect for others. Thanks to its small size and the excellent teacher-child ratio, the kindergarten can provide individualised care and attention to achieve these goals.

At KIDS parents closely co-operate with the teachers. The result is the special "KIDS spirit" - characterized by warmth, openness and a strong sense of community.
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