KIDS Kindergarten is not just a mere drop-off/pick-up kindergarten. As a parent-led initiative, parents are asked and like to get involved in the running of the kindergarten. This provides a framework for parental involvement and serves to keep costs down.

Every two years, three parents volunteer to take on the roles of President, Vice President and Treasurer. These Board members then take decisions on behalf of the rest of the parents.

In addition to that KIDS Kindergarten has five committees of which at least one parent of each child is asked to participate in. Parents can freely choose which committee they would like most to contribute to according to their own interest, availability and interest.

New KIDS Committee
Responsible for recruitment and selection of new children in conjunction with the teaching team.

Interior and Safety Committee
Responsible for all matters concerning interior, health and safety, furnishings, decoration, etc.

Garden Committee
Responsible for the upkeep of the garden, including vegetation, play area, garden toys, seating area, hut, etc.

Publicity, Fundraising and Communications Committee
Responsible for the website, corporate design, publicity to keep the profile of KIDS Kindergarten high and fundraising if needed.

Party and Events Committee
Responsible for organising the Summer and Christmas Party as well as possible other events for parents (e.g. visits to museums, theatre, etc.) throughout the year.

The Committees do not need to do all of the work themselves; rather they have to assume responsibility for defining schedules for work within the framework of a budget provided by the Board and for work completion. The committees organise themselves according to the availability and abilities of the members. Naturally the teaching team and the Board are available to the committees for consultation and assistance.
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